Playing in July:
July is all about the world of fantasy for children and adults. The interactive children's play, KINGDOM, by Pam Munson Steadman, opens the last weekend in July and is available for birthday parties and scout groups. For adults, the irreverent and hilarious musical DR. AVA P. SCHLOCKENSTEIN: THERAPIST TO FANTASTICAL CREATURES by Cole DeNardo is a must see. The cast is still working on not laughing hysterically throughout !  See info for both shows below. 


Book/Lyrics by Cole DeNardo  

Story and characters by Cole DeNardo, AlexBiese, & Tara Matthews

Music by Ed Schilter, Denis Coughlan, Jeff Palmer, and Danny Kay & Kerri Ann Lombardi

This fantastical original musical was created by a host of talented locals. It is the wacky story of Dr. Ava, a New Jersey therapist who starts treating fantasy creatures including Fink, the hunky elf; Shinybright McSparkleton, a beer swilling unicorn with anger issues; Fezziwink, the Demon of Minor Inconvenience; Bo, the sexually confused dwarf; and Emo Phoenix, the suicidal phoenix who cannot die. With a catchy, rockin' score and charismatic cast, this romp is sure to please !

WHEN: Fris. and Sats. July 11, 12, 18, 19 @ 8 pm, Sundays July 13, 20 @ 3 pm

COST: $18 / $15 Srs. & Students Includes dessert and beverage

INFO/ : Call or text: (732)768-2709 




KINGDOM by Pam Munson Steadman  

Children's theatre returns, on a steady basis, to the Jersey Shore with local playwright, Pam Munson Steadman's interactive play, KINGDOM. It will be available for show only or with luncheon and acting workshop for birthday parties and scout troops.

This interactive fairytale takes place in the land called Kingdom, protected by a young Dragon who loses his fire when he sleeps with his mouth open during a thunderstorm. Horrified, he sets out to make things right for King, Queen, Princess, and his bff, Knight. Many opportunities for audience members to participate and win prizes !


WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays July 26, 27, August 2, 3 @ 1 pm (Available for groups through August 24th)

COST: $12 (Show only) $500 (Party for up to 20 guests including luncheon, acting workshop, and show. Additional gusts $20 each)

INFO/ : Call or text: (732)768-2709 


The Grange Playhouse

4860 Rt. 9 South

Howell, NJ 07731


Also playing in July, The notorious THE HITMAN MURDER MYSTERY:
  Oy!  A Murder! by Jade Greene

"Oy ! A Murder !"-At 18, it has been a long road to his bar mitzvah for Seth O'Toole. He has Hebrew dyslexia : reads it from left to right. This joyous occasion quickly turns into the Bar Mitzvah from Hell when a member of the tribe is murdered. Rabbi Shulman trades his yarmulke for a deerstalker in this whodunnit!

For dates, locations & details on upcoming productions of "Oy!  A Murder!" please check back on this site on a regular basis...or, call reservation #:
Reservations required ! Call or text: (732)768-2709 

THE HITMAN MURDER MYSTERIES are interactive comedy/mystery shows where the audience plays along and gets to be an "actor for a day," as we all try to solve the Murder Mystery while laughing together at the intriguing characters, have dinner together and everyone gets a chance at guessing who the killer is!  Prize awarded to the winner!       


Details, Dates, Locations,Info &: Reservations: 

Call or text: (732)768­-2709




New Grange Playhouse Improv Troupe - "Role With It!" - Our Troupe is Jammin'!!
Due to the tremendous success of our debut of our new improv comedy troupe, "Role With It" and our very own rock band, "Role Another One" combined with our fabulous Variety Show (which were held on June 14th & 21st), which included performances by audience members, we will be performing these audience-interactive Improv Show along with a musical variety/sitcom show on a regular basis.  In addition to our performance, we will invite any audience member who has a special talent, to take the stage and perform live at The Grange Playhouse as part of our variety show.  So, if you have a special talent, be it singing, dancing, standup comedy, magic, gymnastics...any talent at all...if you'd like the chance to perform that talent for a live audience, come on out to a "Role With It" show and we will welcome you to the stage to entertain the audience!  Guaranteed fun and laughter for everyone!

WHEN:  Saturday  July 26th@ 8pm - (future dates upcoming)
WHERE:  The Grange Playhouse - 4860 Route 9 South -  Howell, NJ

TICKET PRICE- $18 for general admission - $15 for seniors/students.  Ticket price includes dessert & beverage.


Call or text : (732)768-2709


A quick update about the new, upcoming Improv Acting Troup!  We have a strong, eclectic group of actors ready to get the fun started!

If you are interested in joining this creative, original Troupe, but have not yet contacted us, see audition information in the audition info section of the website.   IMPORTANT: THIS IMPROV GROUP IS FOR ALL LEVELS OF ACTORS FROM BEGINNER/NOVICE TO EXPERIENCED/ESTABLISHED.  The fun & beauty of Improv is that it is unscripted, so, don't be shy...if you have longed to be on stage, this is the most incredible, most creative way to start!  Contact us ASAP.   To request an audition appointment, or simply to discuss the benefits of this opportunity, please contact Kerri Ann Lombardi @ 732-551-7355 or via email at

 For those of you who have already contacted us about joining our group, look for an email coming soon with a meeting date to get together, meet and review the 2014 rehearsal schedule.

Attention audience performers & fellow actors: 
If you are interested in performing your act at a "Role With It" show, or if you're interested in joining the "Role With It" improv group, please contact:
Kerri Ann Lombardi @ 732-551-7355 (cell/text) or email:

UPCOMING EVENTS - 2014 ******************************************
* The Grange Playhouse Children's Theatre starts again in July 2014.  See above details about the July production of children's theater show, "Kingdom."
The Grange Playhouse Children's Theatre 2014 Schedule
 * July/August - KINGDOM by Pam Munson Steadman
* Sept./Oct. - Interactive Rock 'n Roll Fairytale WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE HANSEL & GRETEL - Book & Lyrics by Jade Greene; Music & Lyrics by Ed Schilter
*Nov./Dec. - Interactive Rock 'n Roll Fairytale THE JAMMIN' MUSICIANS OF BREMEN - Book & Lyrics by Jade Greene; Music & Lyrics by Ed Schilter


Special Note:Call (732)768-2709 and please visit our website for all information about the many happenings at The Grange Playhouse!  We always welcome new talent from actors to tech/crew, to playwrights and anyone who is interested in being part of your local theatre community!  It's fun for all...and all ages...a guaranteed good time and a super way to enjoy yourself and share how special you are with the rest of our home-grown supporters!  Please join us!  Even if you've never been on the stage, we are always in need of people who have skills with a hammer, saw, lights and all the very tough and critical roles that are required to make any production a success!!!  Come on out and work hard. The fun and feeling of success will reward you.  We'll "catch the theatre bug!!!"




Ongoing - By appointment only:    Skyline Films Comedy Film

Auditions are by appointment. All types are needed. A headshot and resume are required for the film audition. If you have already auditioned for Skyline Films, there is no need to audition again. Sides will be provided when the appointment is set.
For an appointment write to : or call or text : (732)768-2709.     


    A Brand New Show is coming in August 2014.  Details will be posted during the last week of July. 
  • If you'd like further information about how/when to audition for any production at The Grange Playhouse, please contact us.

    WHERE:  The Grange Playhouse - 4860 Route 9 South -  Howell, NJ

  • We are holding auditions by appointment for actors (beginners or experienced) to join the upcoming Grange Playhouse Improv Group.  This will be a fun, creative, no-holds-barred comedy troupe that will be a truly original acting experience, guaranteed to deliver a new brand of "improv" for any actor or audience member who participates!  
    To request an audition, please contact:
  • Kerri Ann Lombardi (732) 551-7355           
  • Email:
  • Starting in July, we will be adding children's theatre (performed by all ages) on weekend afternoons.  More details to follow soon!
  • Interested in private theatre party or Murder Mystery party?  We can bring the show right to you!  Contact us now to book entertainment for your upcoming event!
  •  We will be holding auditions for upcoming shows regularly.  Auditions  are usually held on the Monday following the second weekend of the month.  Specific audition dates for scheduled shows will be posted soon.  Call or text Jade to confirm at (732)  768-2709 or email: 
  • Ongoing - By appointment only:    Skyline Films Comedy Film
    Auditions are by appointment. All types are needed. A headshot and resume are required for the film audition. If you have already auditioned for Skyline Films, there is no need to audition again. Sides will be provided when the appointment is set.
    For an appointment write to : or call or text : (732)768-2709.   
  • Interested in Private Acting or Singing Lessons?  A certified, trained and experienced professional from The Grange Theatre can provide private lessons to you...Available for all ages, one-on-one or group lessons available.  Contact or call/text 732-551-7355
  • Theatrical Product List:
    • The Hitman Murder Mysteries
    • Interactive Rock N' Roll Fairytale
    • Stage Plays
    • Improv Acting Troupe
    • Professional Acting, Vocal & Stage Performance Lessons Available
    • DJ Services
    • Playwright Club - meetings open to all writers of any experience level, as well as to actors who are interested in the writing process.
    • Benefit Shows for local individuals or organzations in need of non-profit, fund-raising entertainment.



4860 Route 9 South
 Howell, NJ 07731
             (732) 768-2709    


Rehearsing for "A Kind Heart" - from left to right: Stephanie Kelleher, Danielle Whittman, Brian Lodato, Bonnie Palmer, Rick Pfaff, Jade Greene (on floor)
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