Stage Plays


Here at The Grange Playhouse we put on a wide range of original shows written by our Grange Playwrights and other local talented writers as well as classics in the public domain.

The Grange Playhouse is an extension of The Southard Grange #218 in Howell, which was built in the late 19th century, as a two room schoolhouse. What is the grange? A National Organization, non-profit fraternal order of farmers and patrons of husbandry. We are one of the few and active granges left in New Jersey. 

The Grange Playhouse

Recent ProductionS

​​- NEW!!!​  Photo gallery page to website 

-  Ghost Hunters

     150 +year old two room schoolhouse

      Oct. 18 @8pm $10

- SHOW: Pretty Parodies

   by the Grange Playwrights, one acts 

   Nov. 1-3 & 8-10

- The Third Annual Grangie Awards!

        Sunday Dec. 15  at 2pm​​

​Snow White and the Dwarfs on Tour

 coming UP Soon!

​A Tale of Two Cities NY/DC



​​​​Murder Mysteries

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