The Hillbilly Wedding Massacre

We offer interactive mystery parties for adults AND children ! Look for The Hitmam Jr. on our Kid Stuff page.

The Hitman

Murder Mysteries


WITCHES' BREW by Jade Greene

The witches of Salem are hosting this year's presidential selection meeting of the Witches of America. When their High Priestess is murdered, as she is every presidential election year, the coven travels back in time to find her killer. Audience members play Hillary and Donald as well as candidates from past centuries. All get to play detective and try to solve the mystery. Witches and politicians make strange bedfellows, but the result is hilarious fun !

Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, & Wampires

WHERE: The Grange Playhouse
              4860 Route 9 South   
               Howell, NJ

WHEN: Friday, October 7th @ 7:30

COST: $40 Dinner/Show  BYOB

RESERVE: (732)768-2709.