The Grange Playwrights group grew out of The Grange Playhouse, a unique concept in community theatres. Formed in November, 2010.

If you are a local playwright or would like to learn how to write short skits and plays, this is the group for you! By joining The Grange Playwrights you will get advice from experience playwrights as well as getting a chance to see your work perform on stage. There’s also the possibility of having your work featured in our e-Publishing catalogue.

We meet the last Saturday of every third month from 2-4pm. Our next meeting will be  May 27th, 2018. All are welcome!

The Grange Playwrights Epublishing Catalogue

The Grange Playwrights

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Our royalty system is quite reasonable and simple. We are not concerned with how large your house is. Fees are charged per performance and are $75 for a musical, $50 for a full length or children's play, and $30 for a one act.